One-of-a-Kind Cascade Ring with Lapis in 18K Gold, Sterling Silver & Lapis
One-of-a-Kind Cascade Ring with Lapis
18K Gold, Sterling Silver & Lapis

18K Yellow Gold Design w Sterling Silver Base

One-of-a-Kind Cascade Ring with Lapis

Lapis is a stone of royalty and can only be found in the Middle East. It was believed to be the stone of choice for the Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt. The gold that surrounds the Lapis is 18K and so has the perfect glow of a rich yellow to enhance the blue of the stone.
Designer: Helen Chantler

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One-of-a-Kind Cascade Ring with Lapis in 18K Yellow Gold Design w Sterling Silver Base

Style Number: OAK16-46H
Metal: 18K Yellow Gold Design w Sterling Silver Base
Metal Source: Recycled Silver & Gold Transitioning to Fair Trade Gold
This piece was made with recycled silver and either Fair Trade gold or recycled gold. We cannot track our complex transition from recycled gold to Fair Trade gold on our website in real time, but we certainly can provide you with the specific gold we'll be using in your piece, feel free to contact us. We are transitioning to Fair Trade gold because a jeweler's use of recycled gold does not reduce mining, or in any way, positively impact mining practices worldwide. Your purchase of Fair Trade gold gives small-scale impoverished artisan miners the opportunity to be paid a fair price and build their futures, investing in schools, better working conditions and improved healthcare.
Dimension: Band Width 5-15mm
Gemstone: Lapis
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