Media About Us And By Us

Media About Us and By Us
The photo above shows the site of Greenland's first large scale ruby mine. The land was taken from Inuit's who were prohibited from their traditional rights to gather gems on their land. We broke this story to the jewelry trade on the Fair Jewelry Action website. For nearly ten years we have been telling the story about our efforts to support and create business relationships that strengthen communities and biodiversity.

We tell the story, we comment on the story and sometimes we are the story.

First Fairtrade Gold Bridal Jewelry Offered To The North American Market
Though Reflective Jewelry already produces some of their wedding rings and most of their bimetal earrings, pendants and bracelets with Fairtrade gold, the Valerio brand will bring meaningful progress to the ethical jewelry space in the US, which lingers far behind the UK and EU in industry understanding and consumer awareness. February 3, 2017

Reflective Jewelry Becomes The First Certified Fairtrade Gold Jeweler in the United States
Reflective Jewelry was announced as the first certified Fairtrade Gold American jeweler by Fairtrade International. The company has worked as the US commercial liaison with Fairtrade International to launch the certification program while pioneering their own traceable and transparent sourcing practices in precious metal and gems. August 2015

The Banana Republic of New Mexico
Marc Choyt, President of Reflective wrote an op-ed in The Santa Fe New Mexican paper about the dangers of oil and gas, turning New Mexico into a banana republic. He has been creating alliances within Santa Fe's bioregion to prevent extractive industries from turning our beautiful landscape into a sacrifice zone. February 2015

Making Sense of the Fair Trade Gold Market
Marc is quoted extensively within this article in JCK Magazine, the jewelry sector's leading trade magazine, on the challenges of bringing fair trade gold to market. May 2013

The Making of a Green Jewelry Company and an Activist
Green Money Journal publishes Marc's article that talks about the influences of his company and his activism. July 2013

Beware of the Gold In the Hills
Marc's initiated and co-led a campaign to stop a gold mine just south of Santa Fe. This article in the Santa Fe New Mexican launched the public part of the campaign. September 2013.

Inuit Miners in Greenland
Marc helped spearhead the publicity campaign that brought attention to the small-scale Inuit miners in Greenland, who struggle to keep their rights to collect and sell Greenland Rubies. April 2009

Jewelers and Water Issues
Marc is quoted extensively in this particular article by the UK Manchester Guardian, on Jewelers and Water Issues. August 2011

Rock Center Features Reflective
Rock Center's Brian Williams' displays a segment about activist jewelers. Part of the piece was filmed in our Santa Fe studio with Greg Valerio, Marc's partner at Fair Jewelry Action. December 2011

The Kimberley Certification Process for "Conflict Free Diamonds" Must Be Abandoned
Almost the entire jewelry sector depends upon the Kimberley Certification Process to claim diamonds to be "conflict free." Marc Choyt's article opposing and abandoning the Kimberley Certification Scheme (Part 1 and Part 2 ) was widely published in jewelry blogs and on CSR websites. May 2013

Fair Jewelry: Making a Difference from Mine to Market
Marc wrote the seminal article on the World Bank Ethical Jewelry Summit in Washington, DC. He was one out of a hundred people invited to attend the cross sector event. He reported on it for Modern Jewelry. Jan 2008

The Shakespearean Acting of the Responsible Jewelry Counsel (RJC) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). Comic or Tragic?
Marc posts regularly for this environmental justice and human rights network, Fair Jewelry Action. Here's some biting commentary on the politics of ethical jewelry sourcing that drew a lot of ire. August, 2012

The Santa Fe Dialogue
Marc and Helen gathered a group of the top ethical jewelry leaders, in the US and Canada, for a meeting that took place at their home in Santa Fe. Here is a declaration from that meeting. October 2011

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