How We Give Back

How We Give Back
Marc initiated a successful campaign to protect these Ortiz mountains from a gold mine pit that would be 1200 feet deep, four stories high and over half a mile wide. He continues this work today to work with local business leaders to protect the ecology around Santa Fe.

We work to give back to our community through campaigns both locally and globally.
Supporting Our Local Community
We are widely recognized as green business leaders in our local community of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We regularly support a wide range of local nonprofit organizations and charities, from the YMCA to New Energy Economy.

Our President, Marc Choyt, currently sits on the board as an officer of the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce. Marc has also been an active board member for the Turquoise Trail Preservation Trust which recently won a grant, which Marc co-wrote for, to form a regional alliance to protect the bioregion south of Santa Fe from extractive industries.

Marc also initiated and co-lead a successful campaign to block a new gold mine 30 miles south of Santa Fe. More recently, he has worked with community activists to prevent New Mexico from becoming a banana republic. to the oil and gas industry.

Marc also works, from time to time, in an advisory capacity for Ethical Metalsmiths, The Sierra Fund and the Wheaton Creek Ranch, an eco-retreat ranch in Northern New Mexico.
International Advocacy and Campaigning through Fair Jewelry Action
In 2009, Marc and international jeweler/activist Greg Velario founded Fair Jewelry Action (FJA), a nonprofit network representing companies, organizations and individuals striving to bring economic justice and environmental responsibility to producer communities that supply the jewelry sector around the world.

FJA educates and supports other jewelers seeking ethical sources, and exposes issues and conduct campaigns. Over the years, we have engaged in a wide variety of initiatives, from developing fair trade manufacturing standards and principles, to our ongoing support of rights of the Inuit to mine rubies in Greenland. We have also worked to help organize jewelers to protect the integrity of the ethically sourced gold supply chain. We have assisted in an advisory capacity with The Sierra Fund, speaking at their recent conference that faces the legacy gold mine issues in the Sierras of California.
Partnering with Small-Scale Miners in Africa to Eliminate Mercury Use
Our most recent initiative involves assisting small-scale miners in Africa that are just achieving fair trade certification to eliminate mercury from their mining practices. Though fairtrade standards do allow the use of mercury in a safe manner in gold mining, it is extremely dangerous. In coordination with our colleagues and friends at Cred Jewellery in England, we are donating part of our proceeds from the sale of fairtrade gold to purchase machinery that will enable mining communities to refine their gold without the use of mercury.

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