Engagement Advice

Engagement Advice
Choosing wedding and engagement rings requires knowing your partner's style, gemstone and metal preferences.

The tremendous responsibility riding on your engagement ring decision can make the process feel overwhelming. The engagement ring represents your willingness to commit deeply, for life, to a woman or man in front of your shared community. Even if proposing is the natural next step, taking the relationship to the next level will change everything
Decide Your Budget
The money you pay for an engagement ring is not what makes it special. Rather, it’s the love that the ring represents.

Engagement Advice: Proposing may be the next step, but the commitment changes everything and can feel overwhelming. Our engagement advice on engagement and wedding rings can help.

A Surprise Engagement
Imagine, for a moment, when you present the surprise engagement ring that not only fits perfectly, but stylistically, is exactly what he/she would have chosen.
Engagement Ring Insurance
Even if ten years from now, your partner loses the ring and you decide you do not want to replace it, you may be able to at least pay for a trip somewhere romantic and beautiful.
Find the Ring Style
Over time, with keen observation and some careful planning, you can get a very good sense of exactly what style that will make the perfect surprise engagement ring.
Find the Ring Size
Resizing just about any engagement ring can be done, but the process can be time consuming, expensive and technically challenging.
Mangagement Rings
A recent survey found that 71% of men would be open to wearing an engagement ring. Learn more about this new tradition here.
Should I Buy a Diamond?
The near-indestructibility of diamonds, combined with their crystalline purity, light-reflecting dazzle, and complex social history makes diamonds an intriguing talisman for a loving partnership
Choose a Setting
Engagement ring mounts or settings determine how your gemstone is featured. Prong mounts, bezel settings, split mounts and custom mounts are all possible stylistic choices, and each has its own appeal.
Mythology of Diamonds
Diamonds come from the bones of the ancient god, Vela, spread out over the earth. The bones of the deity symbolize the solidification of chthonic and elemental force into something immutable and divine.
History of Engagement
People have, of course, been falling in love at least for as long as recorded history. But, it’s only been fairly recently that these feelings of attraction formed the basis for courtship, engagement, and marriage.

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