Ethical Jewelry Exposé: Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Author: Marc Choyt | Friday, September 21, 2018

We begin this Exposé with my call to action, Ethical Jewelry Manifesto. This is followed by An Ethical Jewelry Parable: The Pure Water People, which includes a brief introduction to small- and large-scale mining issues. The focal points of the Exposé are gold and diamonds. Then, core arguments structured around a central metaphor: babble in a Russian nesting doll. As the dolls open up, we follow a kind of descent toward the center. 

Sections are interlinked. Though each section stands alone, and there are some instances where I’ve chosen to repeat content for that reason, the arguments do build upon each other to create a foundation and coherence.

Additionally, there are two supplementary writings. Human Rights Watch's "Behind the Bling": A Strategic Analysis dives into the NGO watchdogs’ strategy, using a recent Human Rights Watch campaign as a case study. The other article, Fairtrade/Fairmined in the US/UK, provides a ten-year retrospective backstory of the ethical gold movement, exploring the divergence of UK and US ethical jewelry movement. The other article,


Foreword: Birth of the Ethical Jewelry Movement

The Ethical Jewelry Manifesto

The Pure Water People Parable

First Russian Doll: Manufacturing Consent

Second Russian Doll: The Responsible Jewellery Council

Third Russian Doll: "A Trade Association"

Fourth Russian Doll: The Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody Scheme

Fifth Russian Doll: Death of the Fair Trade Diamond

Sixth Russian Doll: Kimberley Process' Damn Lies

Seventh Russian Doll: Lies, Damn Lies, and Conflict Free Diamonds

Eighth Russian Doll: Brilliant Earth’s Long, Tall Tale

The Center: Jewelry, Neocolonialism, and Strange Fruit

Epilogue: Author's Personal Musings

Supplementary Articles: 

Human Rights Watch's "Behind the Bling": A Strategic Analysis

Fairtrade/Fairmined in the US/UK 



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