White Gold Wedding Rings: 27 Essentials YOU MUST KNOW Before You Purchase

White Gold Wedding Rings: 27 Essentials YOU MUST KNOW Before You Purchase

Author: Marc Choyt | Monday, May 23, 2022

Pictured here are just a few of our 18K and 14K white gold wedding bands.



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UPDATED  5/23/22


If you are in the market for a white gold wedding ring, I think you’ll agree with me that it can be hard to find trusted information — or to even know the right questions to ask!

This article offers critical info needed to make an educated purchase of what may be the only piece of jewelry you’ll wear for the rest of your life.

Included is information on alloys, gender, and manufacturing processes — as well as insider tips like: “Should I choose an 18K white gold wedding ring or 14K?” (I’ll let you in on a little secret right now: NEVER buy an 18K white gold wedding band!)

Most important to me, as a small studio jeweler in Santa Fe, NM for the past 26 years, is ethical sourcing.  

Let’s dive into that right now:


Ethics and Your White Gold Wedding Ring


1. The “Eco-friendly” Recycled White Gold Wedding Band 

No one wants to wear a wedding ring — which symbolizes your love, commitment, and hope for the future — made with gold that has destroyed communities and ecosystems.

Yet, for all but a few, this is unfortunately the norm in North America where “eco-friendly” recycled gold reigns king. 

The truth of the matter is this:

Eco-friendly claims around recycled gold are no more than greenwashing.

Carefully check out this illustration below to understand why:

Recycled white gold wedding rings are not eco-friendly, and do not have any ethical value.

This illustration shows the real ethical value of recycled white gold.


Here’s what happens:

A jeweler buys gold rings from customers. The gold that made those rings is “dirty gold” — which has ravaged landscapes, contributed to destroying essential ecosystems, and contaminated water supplies with cyanide and mercury. 

This gold goes to a refiner — such at Stuller, the largest jewelry supply house in the US — who brands the gold.

"Certified" recycled gold is still not eco-friendly, and does not have ethical value.


Note that it is certified!!! And the special label showing a pretty hummingbird: 

Again, recycled gold and recycled white gold are not eco-friendly.

This certification is a big scam, because it only goes back to the greenwashing machine — the refiner. Thus, it hides where the gold has originally come from — where hummingbirds and fish die.

Recycled gold ultimately contributes to the destruction of ecosystems, and has a humanitarian cost as well.

Here’s the bottom line:

Jewelers have been recycling gold forever. I do this myself, particularly when my customers want to make new rings from old gold that has been passed down through the family.

But branding recycled gold as eco-friendly has deceived people who want to be part of a solution.  

If you want real ethical gold, there's only one choice: gold that is sourced from small-scale mining communities that mine to survive and have been supported with exceptional standards.


2. Certified Gold From Small-Scale Miners for Your Unique White Gold Wedding Band

There are about 40 million small-scale miners around the world. They are the largest source of global mercury contamination, and their lives are characterized by poverty and exploitation.

They mine to feed their families. 

Without question, the most ethical gold available is Fairtrade or Fairmined Gold that has been sourced from these communities:

Fairtrade Gold uplifts small-scale miners from poverty and helps keep mercury from poisoning the earth.

A miner at Macdesa in Peru, from which we source our Fairtrade Gold. 


Fairtrade and Fairmined white gold wedding bands are sold by only a few studio jewelers in the US, because large jewelry companies that control the vast majority of business are more interested in spinning out specious marketing narratives than changing their supply chain. 

(Full disclosure: I’m the only Fairtrade gold jeweler in the entire US. There are over 300 in the UK alone, where it is the gold of choice for ethical consumers.)

Fairtrade Gold uplifts small-scale miners from poverty, and allows them to mine in ways much safer for themselves and the environment. 

By purchasing Fairtrade Gold, you are helping make the world a better place! 

As a jeweler, I receive Fairtrade Gold in its purest form: 24 karat. But what does that actually mean? 


White Gold Wedding Rings: Back to Basics


3. Carat vs Karat vs Carrot?  

When I receive my Fairtrade gold from a mining community, it comes in 24 Karat ingots.

The term "carat" derives from ancient Greco-Roman times, referring to the weight of a carob seed. In jewelry, carat is a measurement used in gemstone weight.

Karat (a variation of carat) has come to mean the percentage of fine (pure, 24 Karat/24K) gold in white gold wedding rings and other gold jewelry.

We should not confuse Karat, Carat, and Carrot — so here’s an illustration to help:

It can be difficult to keep "karat," "carat," and "carrot" straight!

The 24K Fairtrade Gold should not be confused with the carat weight of diamonds or with a carrot, grown by our Creative Director Helen Chantler.  


We will be looking at Karat, which is really an important decision with white gold wedding bands!


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14K White Gold vs 18K White Gold Wedding Bands:


4. Should you buy a 14K White Gold or 18K White Gold Wedding Ring?

Because gold is very soft and naturally yellow, alloy must be added to create white gold — and it make it more durable and lasting.   

A 14K plain white gold wedding ring is 58.3% pure gold. (14 ÷ 24 = 58.3%.) An 18K plain white gold wedding band is 75% pure gold. Alloy is what makes up the rest of the metal in either case.  

Here’s a quick video showing how we mix alloy with pure gold, the first step in any custom white gold wedding band project:

Though the alloy in this video was for rose gold, the process is exactly the same with any alloy color.


Here’s a look at the white gold alloy we use:

Alloy is mixed with pure (24K) gold to create 14K and 18K white gold.

Now, it’s from alloyed white gold that rings are produced. 

Below is a picture of two rings, one that is 14K white gold and one that is 18K white gold.

Which is preferable to you?

A 14K White Gold wedding ring vs an 18K White Gold wedding ring.

The one on the left is a 14K white gold wedding band. It has a higher percentage of white gold alloy and a lower percentage of pure gold. 

The ring to the right is an 18K white gold wedding band. It has a more tint, yellow because it has less white gold alloy and more pure gold.

If you want a white gold wedding ring, it just makes sense to choose the one on the left! 

Here’s what to look out for:

Jewelers will try to upsell you on an 18K white gold wedding band, because it’s more profitable for them. The 18K gold hallmark on the back of 18K white gold wedding bands also has more caché than a 14K stamp. Higher carat is equated to value, prestige, and achievement. (The Olympics are a great example of this!) 

Jewelers, in order to upsell you 18K white gold rings — which are not very “white” — often plate their rings with metals like rhodium.


5. Rhodium Plated White Gold Wedding Bands

Rhodium is a natural white metal in the platinum family. And plating involves putting a thin coat of rhodium over a white gold ring. So, the idea is, coat an 18K white gold wedding ring to make it look like a platinum ring.  

I don’t recommend rhodium plating because it is a highly toxic process for jewelers and requires maintenance for customers. White gold plated wedding bands have to be re-plated over the years to maintain their presentation.

What a hassle!

But...what if your white gold ring is not white enough?


6. Whiteness of Your White Gold Wedding Band: 14K vs 18K White Gold

18K white gold wedding rings have a more yellow tint because they only have 25% white metal alloy, as opposed to 41.7% for 14K white gold wedding rings. 

Take another look at the comparison photo we posted above:

A 14K White Gold wedding ring vs an 18K White Gold wedding ring.

These are two variations of our Garden Gate Wedding Ring, 14K vs 18K white gold wedding rings. Although very subtle, the ring on the right has a slightly more yellow tint.

The term “white gold” itself is by no means standardized. “White” is actually a very large spectrum, overlapping on the borders of a brown tint, pale yellow, or even rose color.

Here’s an illustration to show what I mean:

This chart shows the relative whiteness of gold as it is alloyed.

Photo credit.


How white do white gold wedding rings have to be to be considered “white enough”?  

In all my experience of selling white gold rings over the past 26 years, the only time whiteness has made a difference is when a customer has an existing platinum wedding or engagement ring and they want to match the color with a new white gold ring.

Is Your White Gold Wedding Ring Worth Its Weight In Gold?


7. Heaviness of a White Gold Wedding Ring

Heaviness is equated with the density of a ring. The denser a metal, the heavier it is.

While we are on comparisons, it might be helpful for you to consider the density of white gold wedding rings vs. other white metals as follows:  

  • Stainless Steel Density: 10.2

  • 950 Palladium Density: 12.0

  • 14K White Gold Density: 13

  • 18K White Gold Density: 17

  • 950 Platinum Density: 19.1


White gold wedding ring density varies slightly depending on the alloys used. For example, if nickel is used as an alloy, the ring will be heavier than if palladium is used as an alloy.

This is a handmade and hand-hammered white gold comfort fit wedding ring.

This custom white gold wedding ring, created in our studio with a hammered finish, is 2mm thick.  


Generally speaking, once you put a white gold wedding ring on your finger, you will not notice much about the weight of it.

And, the thickness and size of the ring is generally more determinant of the weight of a ring than the density of any particular metal.   


8. One Other White Gold Consideration: Metal Tonality

This comment is specifically for those of you who are sensitive to the energy or feel of a ring and are comparing white gold wedding bands to platinum. 

As a jeweler, platinum is not an easy metal to work with. It definitely has a different tone than gold. 

Some of my customers prefer white gold because it feels warmer:

Note the slight warmth to this white gold wedding ring set for him and her.

There’s a slight warmth to this 18K white gold wedding ring set for him and her. 


Gold, symbolically, represents perfection, the alchemist's dream, wisdom, and wealth. Gold itself is synonymous with riches, happiness, and energy.

Gold is also a wonderful metal to work with. It can be shaped and formed by hand. Even though these days platinum is less expensive than gold as a raw material, it’s more expensive to form into a ring because of how difficult it is to work with.


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9: Why We Recommend 14K White Gold Wedding Bands

Here’s the bottom line: 

Unless you want a yellowish white gold, we recommend you go with a 14K white gold wedding band.

It will look whiter, and cost less:

Simple, plain white gold wedding bands in 14K and 18K. These are comfort fit white gold wedding bands, each 4mm wide.

These simple, plain white gold wedding bands are gorgeous and require no maintenance! Shown in 14K on the left and 18K on the right, these are our Flat Comfort Fit Wedding Ring, 4mm wide.


Not only that, but a 14K white gold wedding ring will be more durable than an 18K white gold wedding band — because the alloy makes the ring stronger.

Let’s look at that specific issue now:


Hardness of 18K vs 14K White Gold Wedding Rings


10. Durability of White Gold Wedding Rings: 14K vs 18K

Various white golds are represented here on the Mohs scale of hardness.

This chart of the Mohs scale of hardness shows the relative hardness of various white metals used in wedding rings.


Pure gold (24K) is naturally a very soft metal, rated at just 2.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Alloys are used to make the gold harder and durable enough to wear. 18K is harder than 24K, and 14K is harder than 18K. 

Generally speaking: the lower the gold content and the higher the alloy content the stronger and more durable the white gold wedding ring will be.

Unless you’re performing very rough activities with your hands, 18K gold is perfectly durable — and it’s usually what we recommend for yellow gold wedding rings, because I really like the radiance of high carat yellow gold. 

We create unique white gold wedding bands, as well as classic white gold engagement rings.

A 14K white gold diamond engagement ring, custom made by our artisan jewelers. We love to create unique white gold wedding bands, as well as classic white gold engagement rings.


But because 14K white gold wedding rings look whiter than 18K white gold wedding rings, and because 14K is more durable, we tell our customers to go with a 14K white gold wedding band.

It’s a great choice for a wedding ring! 

Here’s an insider tip: I don’t buy the argument that platinum is a better metal than white gold. Platinum is brittle and scratches easily.


What’s The Story With White Gold Wedding Band Alloys?


11. What Are Common White Gold Alloys?

The alloys used in a simple white gold wedding band are typically nickel, copper, and zinc. The controversial metal here is nickel, which is the most common ingredient in white gold alloys in the US, but generally not the best recommendation.

This white gold diamond wedding band has a textured finish and flush-set diamonds.

A custom white gold diamond wedding band, with a textured finish. We created this ring by hand in our studio.


It does have its advantages though: Nickel is both strong and hard, which makes it particularly suitable for both 18K and 14K white gold wedding bands. It’s also a very inexpensive alloy, so it keeps the cost down.

Copper is also added in various percentages to increase malleability.

As stated, nickel is a common alloy used in the US — but in the UK and much of the EU, nickel is not allowed due to allergic reactions. Nickel is not a hypoallergenic metal, and some people do have reactions to wearing white gold wedding rings alloyed with nickel.

How common are nickel allergies from wearing white gold wedding rings? Is it something you should be concerned about? 

The short answer is: probably not.


12. Allergic Reactions to White Gold Wedding Rings

In my quarter century as a jeweler, I’ve only had a few cases where people had allergies to nickel in white gold wedding bands.  

Unless you specifically know that you have a nickel allergy, don’t worry about it.  

But if this is of concern to you, there are a few good alternatives:

White gold wedding bands can be alloyed with palladium and silver. Palladium is a natural white metal in the platinum family. Using palladium can add 30% or more to the cost of a white gold ring.    

However, it is still possible to have skin irritation from wearing a white gold wedding ring which has nothing to do with the alloys used.


13. Rashes from Wearing a White Gold Wedding Ring

Skin irritation can occur when your wedding ring is too tight.

Also, with white gold wedding rings with accent gemstones, bacteria can secretly lurk inside the small holes between the gemstones and fingers. 

If you are the unfortunate victim of this irritation, consider upsizing your wedding ring, clean it, or have it cleaned professionally by a jeweler.

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which can be used to clean white gold wedding rings.

Any jeweler will have an ultrasonic cleaner, which will make your jewelry look like new!


Also, leave the ring off for a little while to give your skin time to breathe and heal.

A more detailed medical blog on white gold wedding rings and their allergies can be found here.


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Caring Tips For Your 14K or 18K White Gold Wedding Band


14. Basic Cleaning and Getting Rid of Scratches in Your White Gold Wedding Ring

You can use a polishing cloth designed to clean jewelry on your white gold wedding band. Cleaning solutions for gold and a regular household rag can also work.

Scratches can be removed by a jeweler using a polishing wheel. Unless the scratching on your white gold wedding band is deep, the ring should look like new.

A jeweler's polishing wheel can remove scratches from your white gold wedding band.

Taking a Trinity Twist two tone (white gold and yellow gold) wedding ring to the polishing wheel. We can make an old ring look like new!

Gems dull over time due to the buildup of body oil and dirt. An ultrasonic cleaner, like that pictured above, can bring the ring back to its original luster. 


The Making Of White Gold Wedding Bands


15: Custom White Gold Wedding Rings

Suppose you have an idea for a custom white gold wedding ring, or want to create something unique to your own style and sensibility. Find a jeweler who specializes in custom design!

When choosing a custom jeweler for your white gold wedding rings, you should pay attention to their reputation. Also, check out their skill level.  

Now, an unabashed pitch for my company:

What defines our distinctive style is our skill level as jewelers. Almost any jewelry company — including us — can design something on a computer, send it to a modeling machine, and cast it out. 

But we often carve our own waxes by hand, and specialize in bench fabrication — working by hand from sheet and wire.

We can do it all! And as far as reputation, just check out our 170+ Five-Star Google reviews.   


16: Repurposing Your Old Gold and Gems In A New White Gold Wedding Ring

Suppose you have white gold laying around from jewelry you're not wearing.  

We can reuse your old or inherited gold and jewels to create your personalized white gold wedding ring set. 

Even if you have only yellow gold, we can trade that in for white gold. 

This saves you money — because if we use your material, you only need to pay for labor.  

We can also purchase your excess gold at 93% of its spot value, further cutting down the cost of your custom white gold ring.

This before and after wedding ring redesign project shows how we can transform your old jewelry into a brand new white gold wedding ring set.

Because of our expertise, you can choose any redesigned wedding ring style. The above project we hand fabricated in our shop.

French pavé, prongs, cluster, channel flush, or bezel setting — we can make it all. 

17. The CAD/CAM File Process

Most white gold wedding rings are created though CAD/CAM. Essentially, molds are created by a modeling machine. This is the method used by large jewelry chains, and some smaller jewelers as well.

Here’s the thing:

While our specialty is working with hand tools and skilled jewelers (more on this shortly!), CAD/CAM is the best choice for pavé or channel setting. 

Another reason we like to work with CAD/CAM is that it allows us to create photo-realistic renderings, allowing you to see exactly what your ring will look like before it’s fabricated.

Take a look for yourself:

CAD/CAM can be used to show you exactly what your ring will look like before it is fabricated.

These CAD/CAM renderings were two early versions of the ring below. We went back and forth with this client many times to ensure her ring came out just as she wanted — something we’re always happy to do!


We combined her departed husband’s ring and her engagement ring diamond to create a new ring, which symbolically represents a simultaneous brokenness and wholeness. 

Here’s the finished ring:

This custom reset diamond ring was created using CAD/CAM.

If you’re interested in a custom designed 18K or 14K white gold wedding ring, click here.


18. Die Struck White Gold Wedding Rings

If you go down to your typical chain jeweler that has dozens or more outlets, they will show you white gold wedding rings that are die struck.

Die struck jewelry involves two pieces of steel struck together with up to 50 tons of pressure to shape an ingot of platinum, palladium, or gold into a wedding ring.

This rather uninspiring mass production method — which is essentially the same way most pots and pans are made — is common in large-scale jewelry manufacturing processes.

The advantage is cost. But what you lose is the feeling of the artisan’s love of craft that goes into the making of the ring.

The rings we create from scratch as artisan jewelers have a much different energetic feel than any ring that is machine-made and mass-produced.


19. Wax Carved White Gold Wedding Rings

Some white gold wedding bands and white gold engagement rings are created with waxes carved by hand. These are then casted out, sometimes as one-of-a-kinds. This takes great skill to master, and allows some gorgeous and distinct designs.

These 14K white gold wedding bands are hardly simple! The result of talented wax carving, these ornate designs are part of what make a jeweler like us so special.

These 14K white gold wedding bands could hardly be considered simple! They're the end product of highly skilled wax carving, and part of what makes a small business like us so special. Left, our Narrow Wave Wedding Ring in 14K white gold. Right, our Wide Yin Yang Wedding Ring with Diamonds, in 14K white gold.


Here’s a look at a pair of more abstract wedding rings we recently created using wax carving:


20. Creating Simple White Gold Wedding Rings by Hand

We can create 18K and 14K white gold wedding bands by hand.

Our artisan jewelry tools include hammers, anvils, and an old cottonwood stump — which we’ll use to craft your plain white gold comfort fit wedding band.


A few companies, such as my own, work primarily with sheet, wire, and design elements in order to create simple white gold wedding rings by hand. 

These skills, part of a proud Southwest lineage, lend a certain energy and vibrance to our designs. Knowing your wedding ring is entirely handmade by someone who dedicated their life to perfecting a skill is a beautiful thing — almost as beautiful as knowing your ring was made using Fairtrade Gold.


At Reflective Jewelry, we specialize in handmade wedding rings using old-world artisan techniques. Find out more in this brief video.


While these specific skills tend to be often used for a simple white gold wedding band (such as a piece from our Comfort Fit collection), there's nothing we cannot do! Just get in touch.


[ Unsure if CAD/CAM, handwork, or wax carving is best for your white gold wedding ring? Let’s figure it out! Give me a call at 888-733-5238, or email info (at) reflectivejewelry.com ]


Men’s vs Women’s White Gold Wedding Rings


21. What’s The Difference Between A Men’s White Gold Wedding Ring And A Women’s?

Disclaimer: This is all open to interpretation, and depends on what you want from your ring! At the end of the day, if a woman is wearing a ring, it’s a woman’s ring...etc etc.

That being said...here are some guidelines based on what I typically see:

Oftentimes, men’s wedding rings are wider than women’s wedding rings, for two reasons: 1) Men generally have larger hands, and thus want to wear something more substantial. And 2) Women typically wear an engagement ring and wedding ring together on the same finger, and therefore want both to be on the thinner side.  

Men’s wedding bands usually fall between 5mm to 8mm in width — with the common exception of perhaps thinner comfort fit wedding bands.

This flat topped 18K white gold wedding ring is 4mm wide.

This is an entirely handmade flat topped 4mm white gold comfort fit wedding ring in 18K. We can make this ring in 14K white gold, with a domed top, any width, and with any of five textures. Lots of options for your plain white gold wedding band! Explore more here.


Ultimately, the look of a wedding ring is entirely up to your personal preference. This includes style, width, and whether you want to wear an engagement ring. (There is an emerging trend for men's engagement rings!) 

As far as we're concerned, any ring in our studio would look great on any hand. For more on gender issues, or for a guide to the unique aspects of LBGTQ+ White Gold Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings, check out the story of our Brand Catalyst, Kyle, and his husband.

These white gold wedding rings and engagement rings represent just a few designs from our rather extensive collection.

These gorgeous unisex white gold wedding bands are all handmade in our Santa Fe studio, by our small team of artisan jewelers. We often use the technique of wax carving, as detailed above.


22. A Wide or Narrow White Gold Wedding Band?

One advantage of a wider wedding band includes the space on the surface of the ring, which allows for great design and detail. 

In our impressionistic Starry Night wedding ring collection, the design varies, from subtle to pronounced, depending upon the width of the wedding ring.

These white gold engagement rings and wedding rings all feature the same motif, executed differently. As custom jewelers, we can always vary your ring in ways that suit you!

This group shot of our Starry Night white gold engagement and wedding ring collection shows the wide range of widths we can create this design in. Note the gorgeous 14K white gold sapphire ring version!


If you’re more drawn to the classic plain wedding bands containing no design, this concern around surface area of the ring is not so much of an issue. 


23. What Is The Average Width of a Women’s White Gold Wedding Ring?

The average width of a white gold wedding ring for women tends to be from 2mm to 5mm wide. This allows for a white gold engagement ring and wedding band to be worn at the same time: most women are not comfortable wearing a bridal ring set with a combined width of more than 8mm.

Just a few of the bridal ring sets we offer, including a 14K white gold bridal ring set with sapphire.

A few examples of Bridal Ring Sets. Notice the pairing of the Starry Night 14K white gold sapphire ring and white gold wedding ring on the left.


As custom jewelers, we can easily vary the width and design of our white gold wedding bands. On our white gold men’s wedding rings, the borders are generally 1.5mm. 

In some of our other men’s wedding bands, the borders can be 2mm wide. We can make a border over 2mm or take it down to 1mm.

Our Starry Night 14K white gold sapphire ring. These design can be made in varying widths, and with the stone of your choice!

Here, a closer look at our Starry Night 14K white gold sapphire engagement ring. As shown, this ring is 3.8mm wide. But as demonstrated above, we can vary the width tremendously!


We can even eliminate a border entirely, making the ring “borderless” and therefore narrower.  

Another consideration is: how will your white gold gold bridal wedding ring set fit on your finger?  

If you’re planning on purchasing a white gold engagement ring to match your wedding ring, have you given thought to how the pair will fit together on your finger?

Some white gold rings are designed to notch together, while others will move about on the finger. Consider these two pairs:

These interlocking bridal ring sets ensure your engagement ring and wedding band do not twist on your finger.

Our Flow Bridal Set (left) and Trinity Twist Bridal Set.


No, the two rings above do not feature white gold. However, we can make them as white gold bridal sets, either 14K or 18K as you wish! Here’s a One-of-a-Kind version of our Flow Engagement Ring, made in 14K white gold and set with a gorgeous Aquamarine.

This 14K white gold engagement ring features an Aquamarine.

Find more details on this ring here. Or, learn about our top-notch (and ethical!) Aquamarine source here.


Other bridal ring sets have only smooth surfaces touching each other. This means the rings might rotate on your finger, depending on the fit. If the pattern is consistent on the ring, however, this likely won’t be an issue:

This Narrow Borderless Infinity Bridal Ring Set is shown here in 14K white gold and featuring a center stone diamond and diamond accents. We can easily make this piece with colored gemstones, such as ruby or sapphire.

Our Narrow Borderless Infinity Bridal Ring Set, shown here in 14K White Gold and with a Diamond center stone.


Ultimately, width, weight, and design are all very subjective components. It’s all about what feels most comfortable to you.


24. Does Your White Gold Wedding Band Have to Match Your Partner’s?

You can choose to match or not match metal type, design, elements of a design, or even accent stones with your partner’s ring.

We see all sorts of approaches to this. Here’s one husband/wife pair of similar wedding rings:

The rings in this his and hers matching wedding ring set have the same motif and coloration.

This matching wedding band set features bordered and borderless versions of our two tone Rope Wedding Ring. The base is white gold, and the motif is yellow gold.


The simple answer is: whether you and your partner choose to have matching rings or not is entirely dependent on your personal preferences.


Thickness and Width of White Gold Wedding Rings


25. How Thick Should Your White Gold Wedding Band Be?

Although there is no specific standard, a medium thickness is generally in the 1.6mm to 1.8mm range. Heavy thickness is usually in the 2mm range. Our white gold wedding bands are 2mm thick, allowing for maximum durability.


Width also impacts durability. The wider a ring, the more durable (compared to others of the same metal type). A ring of 1.5mm thickness that is 1.5 mm wide is not going to be as strong as a ring that is 3mm wide.

The softness or hardness of the metal also factors in with width and thickness to influence the durability of your ring. (Please see the metal hardness chart in #10).

Also, as shown with some of the wedding rings above, a border can make your ring strong and durable — and it even protects the interior design.


Resizing White Gold Wedding Rings


26. Any White Gold Wedding Ring Can Be Resized!

Whether resizing is difficult or easy depends on the white gold ring in question.

Some variables include if there is a pattern designed into the ring, or if there are gemstones set in the wedding band.

White gold wedding rings with gems can complicate resizing, but nonetheless can be resized.

When resizing a ring with flush set gemstones, the stones often have to be reset. Sometimes the stones need to be taken out of the ring, and then reinserted.

When you have a flush setting as shown below, it's best to get the sizing right the first time.

A simple white gold wedding band can be stretched up to half a size, or cut down to any size. 

But what if the ring has to be cut and there is a design?

A white gold engagement ring or wedding ring with an intricate design can be difficult to resize. For this reason, jewelers often build in a resizing band on the bottom of the ring.

Our Wide Garden Gate 18K White Gold Wedding Ring with Gems.


Some rings have sizing bands, which break the pattern and allow a ring to be sized up or down more easily. But often, talented jewelers build the sizing band into the pattern, so as to work with it and maintain the ring’s beauty — just see the above.

However, if the ring rotates or turns on your finger, the sizing band shows instead of the desired motif.


Accent Gems and White Gold Wedding Rings  


27. Which Accent Gems are Suitable for White Gold Wedding Rings?

Softer gems, such as garnet or amethyst, can get scratched and dull out over the years. They are also more difficult to find in extremely small sizes, though it can definitely be done.

Diamonds are the best choice due to their hardness and scratch-resistant properties. Sapphires and rubies, though not quite as durable as diamonds, still work very well and look amazing.

Small diamonds (called "melee") are standard accent gems for white gold engagement rings or wedding rings. However, we can use any stone you like—ruby and sapphire are great options!

White Gold Wedding Ring Next Steps


If you’re ready to order a white gold wedding band or engagement ring...and have it made in Fairtrade Gold, that’s awesome!  

Browse our website, stop by our gallery in Santa Fe, NM, or email me at info(at)ReflectiveJewelry.com. If what you really want is a custom white gold ring, I’ll be happy to assist! You can find more info here — but get in touch, and we can set up a phone or Zoom consultation.

Happy shopping!




Marc Choyt is president of Reflective Jewelry, a designer jewelry company founded in 1995. He pioneered the ethical sourcing movement in North America and is also the only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the United States. Choyt’s company was named Santa Fe New Mexico’s Green Business of the Year in 2019, and he has been honored with several awards for his efforts to support ethical jewelry. His ebook, Ethical Jewelry Exposé: Lies, Damn Lies and Conflict Free Diamonds, is available online. Choyt can be reached on Twitter at @Circlemanifesto or by email at marc(at)reflectivejewelry.com.

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Posted by: Jeffrey Reynolds on Nov 25, 2023
Can you please tell me how much this ring is worth 5
Posted by: Jeffrey Reynolds on Nov 25, 2023
Can you please tell me how much this ring is worth 562tf505
Posted by: Kyle Abraham Bi on Nov 25, 2023
Hi Jeffrey — Could you please email an image of your ring to me directly? Thank you!

Only Fairtrade Gold Jeweler in the USA 
since 2015

Santa Fe, NM Green Business of the Year

Catalyzing the Ethical Jewelry Movement

Winner of MJSA Responsibly Sourced Design Challenge

Founder of First-Ever Ethical Jewelry Blog

Collaborators of USAID Zahabu Safi (Clean Gold) Project