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Our Team

Author: Kyle Abraham Bi | Wednesday, May 1, 2024


Reflective Jewelry is a small group of highly skilled artisan jewelers and deeply-committed ethical jewelry activists. Together, we ensure your jewelry is not only gorgeous and made to last a lifetime, but that its sourcing matches its symbolism.

We've been a proud part of the Santa Fe, NM community since 1995. Here's a bit more about each of us:


Kyle Abraham Bi, Owner and CEO of Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Kyle Abraham Bi: Owner + CEO | GIA Graduate Gemologist | "Ringmaster"

In the spring of 2017, Kyle answered an ad for an internship with “the only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the USA.” In the fall of 2023, he became owner of that company. What took place in between remains largely a mystery, even to him....

Kyle’s true passion is to elevate responsible sourcing practices in the jewelry industry — a drive he shares with Marc, who has served as his mentor in the space. He has functioned as a representative for North American jewelers to the USAID Zahabu Safi (Clean Gold) Project, has appeared as a featured speaker at the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference, and is a regular feature writer for Jewellery Business Magazine. He holds multiple roles with Ethical Metalsmiths: serving on their Advisory Council and Action Coalition, and as an Editor/Author for their blog The Source. Additionally, he was an inaugural recipient of the Black in Jewelry Coalition x GIA Distance Education Scholarship, and a signatory of 2020’s BIPOC Open Letter to the jewelry industry. Kyle holds a BA from Brown University in Contemplative Studies.

In his spare time (ha, ha) he likes to work on his garden, share a good meal with his husband, or just spend some quality time with his cat.


Marc Choyt and Helen Chantler, co-owners of Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Marc Choyt + Helen Chantler: Founders, Advisors

Marc and Helen are a dynamic husband and wife duo, and the fearless founders who led and grew Reflective Jewelry from 1995 until 2023.

As Lead Designer, Helen gave birth to our distinctive styling — and has maintained consistent in her vision, even as the company has evolved over the years. As of 2024, she is now based in her home studio — where, no longer tied down by burdens of daily operations, she is free to delve ever more deeply into her creative visions. We fervently believe that the best will be yet to come, and eagerly await her latest creations!

As President of Reflective Jewelry, Marc made a name for himself as a pioneer in the North American ethical jewelry sphere, beginning in the early 2000s. His irrepressible passion and unwavering voice ripple through the industry to this day, and he can proudly be said to have been "critical yeast" for what has become a growing movement.

For more of their story, read on.


Dana King, jeweler at Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe, NM.

Dana King: Metalsmith + Stone Setter Extraordinaire

Dana is a true New Mexican, born in Los Alamos. While growing up, she loved making art — particularly painting — through she explored a wide variety of mediums. This led to an interest in jewelry, and her attending the Gemological Institute of America — where she earned her degree in jewelry fabrication.

Dana spent the next twenty years in Los Angeles, working for several jewelry companies and becoming the lead jeweler with several well-known brands. During Covid, she moved back to New Mexico — joining Reflective Jewelry in August of 2022.

With over twenty years in the trade, Dana is an excellent fabricator and stone setter, and is particularly competent in all manner of jeweler repairs. She really enjoys the technical challenges and problem-solving involved in jewelry making — but what brings her the most joy is making people happy with the beautiful pieces that she creates! 



Tauri Lang joined Reflective Jewelry in early 2022

Tauri Lang: Metalsmith

Tauri was born the year of the metal rat, giving her a natural magnetism for the material. The rat part is yet to be placed.

She has been teaching herself metalsmithing for the last 3 years — from blade making to jewelery — mostly from YouTube. But her recent direction from master goldsmith Bob Hazeltine and consistent practice at Reflective Jewelry has quickly evolved her skills, and she’s grateful for it. She enjoys the beautiful glow of nature and is excited to work with tiny facets of its whole.

On her days off, Tauri can be found painting, brewing up some potions, or lounging with her dogs.

Tauri moved to Mexico in the early spring of 2024. She is greatly missed by all, and we wish her nothing but the best in her future growth as an artist!


Tyler Thirloway, Production Coordinator at Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe New Mexico

Tyler Thirloway: Production Coordinator

Tyler's life arc answers the age-old question: "What does one do with a degree in Religious Studies?" Travel the world, seek out new experiences, and eventually settle in Santa Fe, of course!

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Tyler has an adventurous spirit and a can-do DIY attitude. He has worked as an outdoor education instructor and guide, rowing coach, and Christmas tree lot manager. He even founded and operated a business designing and building bamboo bicycle frames — eventually giving this up to pursue a personal dream, spending several years touring the American West in a small trailer.

More recently, Tyler put down roots in New Mexico, where his wife's family is from. At Reflective Jewelry, he is known for his sharp attention to detail and impressive memory. But outside of work, our rugged landscape offers what he loves best: nature walks with his dog Chico, exploring, and river rafting.


Doug Jones at his jewelers bench at Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe NM

Doug Jones: Repairs Specialist + Metalsmith

Doug was born in Tucson, Arizona; but moved to Santa Fe at the age of 6. After realizing being an EMT wasn't the right fit, and discovering a passion for rooting out valuable jewelry at garage sales, he recognized that he'd found himself a new career path.

Thankfully, Doug was in a great city to learn jewelry making. He apprenticed under Dave Giron, becoming skilled at jewelry repair as well as fabrication. He also found avenues to expand his knowledge about watch repair, a long-time interest.

These days, Doug handles many of our jewelry and watch repairs — as well as fabrication for our jewelry line, and custom projects. His proven skills, positive attitude, and team-player mentality make him a valuable asset to our team — and a joy to work with.


Heidi Neiss, Photographer and Social Media Coordinator at Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe NM

Heidi Neiss: Photographer and Social Media Coordinator

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Heidi remembers watching historians reenact George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River. This impacted her imagination about stories, history, and documenting both. Later, as a teenager, she discovered photography — and began attempting to catch moments in time, to share stories and beauty. Around the same time, a few inspiring teachers were encouraging Heidi to write and use art as a way to express herself.

In college, Heidi first pursued a degree in psychology. She knew it wasn't right, however, and soon left to find her true path. After meeting many artists, writers, and musicians in and around New York City, she regained her inspiration. Heidi decided to pursue a career in the arts, and earned her BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Fine Art Photography.

Heidi is a naturalist, and a natural storyteller — both evident in her meticulously-composed photos. Most days at Reflective Jewelry, Heidi will head out for a mid-day stroll — re-emerging with a handful of flowers, an interesting rock, or an idea. She has lived all over the US, but is happiest rooted here in Santa Fe — where our unique climate, landscape, and history provide endless inspiration. Heidi enjoys hiking, gardening, contemplating, deep soulful conversations, all things vintage, live music, and passionate people.


Felicia "Flo" Medrano, Gallery Maven at Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe New Mexico

Felicia "Flo" Medrano: Gallery Maven

Born here all her life; Flo was raised amidst the vibrant culture and wild landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once called to the seas of San Diego, she ultimately made her way back to the High Desert — unable to escape the gentle whispers of "eeeeeee" emanating Westward from the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

At Reflective Jewelry, Flo pairs her keen eye for design with a genuine passion for our activist work. From the moment she greets you at the door, her aesthetic sensibility is immediately obvious. Drawing inspiration from the diverse ecosystem and traditions of New Mexico, Flo has an uncanny ability to pair seemingly mismatched elements into an impeccably-curated ensemble. However, it's her dedication to understanding what best fits you and your needs that will leave a lasting impression.

With her years of professional experience, an impressive work ethic, and fantastic sense of humor, Flo's contributions to our team are invaluable.


Maynard Garcia, Metalsmith/Jeweler at Reflective Jewelry in Santa Fe NM

Maynard Garcia: Master Silversmith + Casting Specialist

Growing up on the Santo Domingo Pueblo, much of Maynard's family were beaders and heishi makers — as well as construction workers, farmers, and ranchers. Maynard learned the value of hard work at an early age — and to those who know him now, it's clear he has not forgotten it.


As a jeweler, his most formative experience came around age 7 or 8 — when he witnessed his grandfather, José Tony Garcia (aka "I-Whannah," or "The Master") crafting silver pieces on a wood stove. This man of many hats masterfully manipulated the heat by blowing on the red-hot embers, and Maynard was hooked. He began a journey of experimentation, trial, and error — until, by high school, he had become a jeweler.


Though he is our newest jeweler, having joined the team in January 2024, Maynard has quickly cemented himself as our resident "yes" man. Any challenge thrown his way is met with a confident "I'll make it happen," a period of quiet composure, and an impressive result. Though he has over 25 years of experience, he remains eager to learn new skills — the mark of a true artist.


Gloria Vigil, award-winner silversmith in Santa Fe New Mexico

Gloria Vigil: Award-Winning Silversmith + Lapidary Specialist

Gloria Vigil was born into a family of musicians and artists in Santa Fe. As a child she was particularly fascinated by the relationship between fire and metal, and would spend hours watching her uncle weld. In high school she had the opportunity to take a few jewelry courses, and once she got her hands on silver, gold and gems, she knew what she wanted to do in life.


She apprenticed with well-established Santa Fe designers, learning the traditional southwestern style jewelry fabrication techniques, including fine lapidary. These traditional handwork techniques, passed down from the Spanish Conquistadors, from whom Gloria traces her own lineage. Gloria has created, designed and worked at Reflective Images since 1999.


Her work tends to be bold and definitive, whilst maintaining graceful form, as with her Corazon Engagement Ring. Gloria draws her inspiration from songs, books, pictures and landscapes and feels that making and designing pieces is her personal way to stay in balance. She has also been juried into Santa Fe’s famous Spanish Market as a jewelry designer.



The Reflective Jewelry gallery at 912 Baca St in Santa Fe, New Mexico


About Reflective Jewelry

Reflective Jewelry is America's only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler and Santa Fe's 2019 Green Business of the Year. We specialize in custom jewelry design and creating new jewelry from old.


Check out our 235+ Five-Star Google Reviews!


Our brick-and-mortar gallery and studio is located in Santa Fe, NM — but we regularly work with clients across the US.

What sets us apart? Explore our artisan approach and our activism.


To reach us, email info (at) or call 1-888-733-5238.


We look forward to working with you!

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Posted by: Haley Kiser on Oct 08, 2023
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Only Fairtrade Gold Jeweler in the USA 
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Santa Fe, NM Green Business of the Year

Catalyzing the Ethical Jewelry Movement

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