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Platinum Wedding Rings are renowned for their durability, ivory tone, and purity — making them a preferred choice for many looking to tie the knot. Our unique platinum wedding ring designs are rooted in our tradition as makers, and on our site you will find a range of artisan wedding ring designs that run the gamut from simple and classic to ornate to contemporary. Crafted in our small Santa Fe, New Mexico studio, each platinum wedding ring we create is made with artisans' decades of experience, with quality you can feel on your finger that's backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. We specialize in custom designed Platinum Wedding Rings for women and men, and can modify any of our rings as you wish — varying metal choice, gemstones, and motif. We'll create an entirely unique platinum wedding ring design working from your concept, even resetting your diamonds or gemstones. If you can't find what you're looking for, GET IN TOUCH for a FREE, no-pressure consultation.

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