BEST CHOICE: Resetting Engagement Rings WITH YOUR GOLD!

Resetting Engagement Rings with Your Gold!

Author: Marc Choyt | Tuesday, November 10, 2020


At Reflective Jewelry, we offer a unique service that few other jewelers in the entire US can offer: resetting engagements with your own gold.  


Our unique skill in redesigning engagement rings means that you can use all the material from your existing ring — gold, diamonds large and small, and additional gems. 

We can even combine that gold with additional engagement or wedding rings, or with gold from old jewelry.   


Resetting engagement rings using your gold and gemstones just makes the most sense because that material has symbolic significance. But we understand that your engagement ring style may no longer suit you, or perhaps it is simply damaged. 

The ability to actually wear the same gold and diamonds that you received upon your engagement, or your parents or grandparents wore for fifty years offers a beautiful continuity, greatly enhancing talismanic value.  


The Reflective Jewelry gallery, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our studio is in the same building!


This is our store in Santa Fe, NM — in business since 1995. Check out our 135+ 5-star Google reviews.

Using your gold to reset diamonds or repurpose jewelry will even save money!  

When our redesigning engagement ring process involves using your gold and a reset diamond, you only pay for the ring’s workmanship. Many of our customers even cover the cost of their job by sending us extra gold, which we purchase at 93% of the spot value.  


Here’s what’s best of all…

Reusing your gold in a redesigning engagement ring project does not in any way limit your options!

Choose any redesign engagement ring style you’d like — pavé, halo, channel setting, flush setting. We are experts in resetting diamonds. With your vision and our custom jewelry design expertise, we’ll create a redesigned engagement ring piece that is both exquisite and affordable! 


If you have any questions about how we do this, you can email me at Marc (at), or call me on my cell at 505-699-8179. I am one of the owners of the company. 

If you want to learn more, I’ve written this article for you, and it has thee parts:


Part 1, examples of projects we’ve done.  Several photos of how we reset engagement rings before and after — including images of resetting diamond rings and replacing stones in a ring. 

Part 2, a bit about our company.  If you are considering a redesigning engagement ring project with my company, you’d best check out our reputation.  

Part 3, our fabrications methods and costs.  As makers, artisans, and designers based in Santa Fe, NM; our abilities as makers span from fabrication techniques tracing back to the Spanish Conquistadors and forward to Silicon Valley! Yet, you’ll find our prices extremely fair.  


What’s the bottom line? 

Whether you want to upgrade the setting, switch the appearance of your ring from a prong to halo or cluster setting, or have some other idea, we can create any redesign engagement ring project you can imagine.

Check out our photos below!


Part 1: Photos Of Upgraded Engagement Rings Before and After 

We’ll start with a few examples of resetting diamond rings. First, a modification of one of our in-house designs.  

We made this this unique bezel set engagement ring by melting the metal, forming and shaping the design. It’s made entirely by hand.  


Redesigning old jewelry into an engagement ring is our specialty! This redesigned engagement ring is based on one of our own designs, the Donegal Ring. We used out customer's old gold chain and inherited diamond to design this custom engagement ring.

This next project is not an illustration of an upgraded engagement ring before and after. This is simply using old gold to make new rings.  

We melted the gold on the left and made the design on the right. The customer provided us the reset diamond, though you can also source carbon neutral lab ground or Canadian diamonds from us.   

The engagement ring below was made by hand in our shop — with a hammered texture.  


Resetting diamond engagement rings with your gold can take many forms! Sometimes, as here, we repurpose old wedding rings into a brand new engagement ring design.

While the three designs in this section were made by hand, this next design, involved resetting diamonds—three, to be precise, was made on CAD/CAM. 

Here’s the initial drawing:


The initial drawing of a custom diamond engagement ring, made using CAD/CAM software.


If you want to see the final product, you’ll have to check out this one minute vid below of our customers receiving the ring:


One big reason we were chosen for the reset diamond project was that the client wanted Fairtrade Gold. We’re the only Fairtrade gold jewelers in the entire USA.  


Below, another example of resetting diamonds using in-house style, our open mount style — which we can put on any of our rings. This low profile bezel set enagement ring style is one of our most popular designs for those who are looking for engagement rings for an active lifestyle.  


Our open mount engagement ring style is a perfect engagement ring for your active lifestyle


This low setting engagement ring can be modified as you wish. We can make the border ridges equal to the sides, make it two tone, modify the shank to any design — whatever custom change you’d like.  


Unique Bezel Set Engagement Rings 

These photos will give you an idea of our creativity — starting with some off-beat, quirky designs which are entirely hand made.  

This client wanted a design that was free flowing and organic. Plus, she wanted a low profile bezel set engagement ring.  

In this remount diamonds job, we removed the gemstones from the rings on the right, melted the gold, rolled it out and fabricated the design on the right.  

Note that our client chose a bezel setting. If you are someone who is specifically looking at engagement rings for active life styles, a bezel set engagement ring is definitely a good option. 

We can combine two rings into one, or even four into one! This reset diamond engagement ring before and after is a perfect example of what's possible when resetting engagement rings.


You might be wondering:

What if I have an old silver spoon, gold baby bracelet, and other odds and ends?

Well, we can help!

Check out this next example of unique bezel set engagement rings…

With this remount diamond ring project, we started with a silver spoon and a baby bracelet and redesigned it into this organic free flowing ring.  Here’s the video of our customer receiving it. 


Resetting diamond rings sometimes involves such odds and ends as an old gold baby bracelet and silver spoon. Our artisan jewelers will work with you to ensure success in your reset engagement rings before and after.

I picked these two reset diamond projects to start just to show you that our jewelers can work with unconventional ideas to create unique bezel set engagement rings.


Redesigning Engagement Rings In Reset Diamond Projects  

Continuing on the theme of low profile engagement ring options that involve remounting diamonds, check out these next photos. 

We removed the diamonds in the rings to the left when redesigning these engagement rings. We reset the square diamond and added additional diamonds, flush setting them as accents. 

In this jewelry redesign before and after, we reused four old rings to be a pair new custom diamond rings. We love to reset diamonds!


Below is a good example of how we can turn something ugly into something beautiful when we reset stones in our redesigning engagement ring process. The customer sent us gold and some gemstones and together we worked out this design:

This jewelry transformation before and after involved repurposing an old wedding ring, and resetting several diamonds into one new diamond engagement ring.

This next redesign engagement ring before and after photo involved another custom engagement ring design. It’s another example of a low profile bezel set engagement ring for active lifestyles and a variation of one of our own designs, our Aria ring.   

Resetting engagement rings also works with sapphires, and other gemstones! Here, we reset this sapphire in a gorgeous new engagement ring design.

As in the reset engagement rings shown above, we removed the gemstones.  Then, we melted the gold, rolled it out, cut out the metal and reset stones in the ring. 


Redesigned Engagement Rings After Loss 

While many of our redesign engagement ring projects mark happy occasions, sometimes we create pieces to symbolize difficult transitions.  

In the next two projects below, we designed rings for women who had lost their beloved husbands. Both are also good examples of photos of how we can reset engagement rings before and after.  

Combining two rings into one is common when resetting diamond engagement rings. It's also a beautiful way to honor a loved one who has passed on.


Above, we combined her husband's wedding ring with her engagement ring, melting all the gold together to another low profile, bezel set engagement ring.   


You may be curious if all our work is hand made.

Well, we're also experts with CAD/CAM software!


Thus far, the photos of reset engagement ring before and after projects show designs made entirely by hand. Below, we use the more conventional CAD/CAM computer generated process.  

Remounting diamonds and reusing your gold typically begins with diamond removal. Then, for a more complex design, we might go through many different iterations back and forth. Here are a few drawings of our next design:


This initial drawing show the design of the custom reset engagement ring below.


We ended up with the ring below, which symbolizes a new wholeness within a brokenness. 

When a woman lost her husband, we combined her engagement ring and diamond with his wedding ring. The reset engagement ring turned out beautiful.

There are definite advantages to going the CAD/CAM route in redesigning engagement rings — we always first show you the photo-realistic drawings, from which we can make modifications. 

However, as makers and artisans, the tried and true sketch often suffices when resetting diamonds. We don’t have the before photo for the ring below, but this this illustration below shows yet another redesigning engagement ring project.     


This custom diamond engagement ring design is a unique look, designed by the customers themselves!


Here’s a 23 second video of the customers' response upon receiving it.

If you’re interested in custom designs, here’s an overview of our custom design process. 


Here’s the bottom line:

Whatever redesign engagement project you have in mind, we can do it!

Accessorize your current ring with gemstone accents? Replacing stones in a ring? Remounting diamonds, or using old diamonds in a new ring? We can do it all, using the actual gold from the ring or rings that you want to keep in your family for generations.


Part 2: Our Reputation and Your Reset Diamond Project 

There’s nothing more important when working with a jeweler than reputation and trust — particularly when we replace diamonds in a ring. We’ve been in business since 1995. To get a sense of what it’s like working with us, check out our 135+ Five-Star Google Reviews.

Our workshop and gallery are located in the same building in Santa Fe, NM. As the only Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the USA, we were named Santa Fe’s Green Business of the Year. A top trade national trade magazine called us “The Best of the Best.”  

Check out this 90-second video — or visit us in person and we’ll give you your own guided tour.


You get to work with a small studio of just five people. You’ll never be greeted by  “this call is being recorded for quality and training…”  Unless I’m on vacation, I, Marc, co-owner of the company, am generally your contact point.  

If you like what you’ve learned so far, let’s get on to projects which show what we do!


Part 3: Redesigning Engagement Ring Fabrication Methodologies

How are we able to accomplish what we do?

Our methods for resetting engagement rings with your own gold all begin with fire!


Once we have melted your gold into an ingot, we then begin the old engagement ring redesign project.  

I’ll help determined if your redesigning engagement ring project should be done with CAD/CAM or fabricated by hand. It really depends upon the exact style you prefer and how we're resetting diamonds.  


This section explores both options.  


Our four jewelers have of ninety combined years of experience making to any redesign engagement ring project.  

If we are making your reset engagement ring project by hand, we create our own sheet and wire from your gold, working with hand-forged anvils, rolling mills, and banging out forms on domed steel cow horn mallets. Our specialty maker tools are used to cut metal by hand, forge designs, and stamp out motifs.  

We take the melted ingot, roll it out into wire and then shape it into a ring:


Our classic comfort fit wedding rings are made by hand, just as shown here.


From there, we can make a flat topped or domed ring of any size or width thickness. Here are two ring examples:

Our classic comfort fit wedding rings can be flat topped or dome topped, and are available in any width you choose!

This process can take a lot of time depending upon alloy issues that come up. We charge $450, and your new ring can be any width or size. The charge for remaking an old ring with your gold is the same regardless redesigned engagement ring project. 

After this comes choosing a mount and resetting diamonds, which we set by hand:


The cost of resetting diamonds in an engagement ring depends on many factors.


The cost for resetting diamonds really depends upon the setting and complexity. It can range from $39 each for 2mm melee to between $100 to $200 for a bezel or prong set style.  

Our open mount style, one of many of our unique bezel set engagement rings, takes a lot of time and expertise. We charge $450. And as I mentioned earlier, the design be widely varied.  

Our open engagement ring mount. Again, a perfect engagement ring for active lifestyles!



Resetting Diamond Rings Using CAD/CAM

If your reset diamond project involves pavé setting, channel setting, or an eternity band style, we will create photo realistic drawings for you, as shown earlier.

Sometimes we do carve waxes by hand, but often the most cost effective way to go is to carve them mechanically.  



For this reset diamond project, we carved the wax and ring separately. Then, we brought them together.  

We can reset engagement rings using handmade artisan techniques, CAD/CAM software, or wax casting.


Cost for these projects varies, from $650 up, depending upon the nature of the redesign engagement ring project.    


Next Steps In Your Resetting Engagement Ring Project

If you would like to move forward or have any questions, you can call me on my cell at 505-699-8179 or email me at Marc (at)  

Another option is to fill out our Custom design form

When you do send in old jewelry for repurposing, I recommend using the US Postal Service.  hey deliver directly to our store every day and we sign for packages. If you have a question on how much to insure for, I am happy to help. 

Send your material to:

Marc Choyt

Reflective Jewelry

912 Baca St.

Santa Fe, NM 87505. 




Marc Choyt is president of Reflective Jewelry, a designer jewelry company founded in 1995. He pioneered the ethical sourcing movement in North America and is also the only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the United States. Choyt’s company was named Santa Fe New Mexico’s Green Business of the Year in 2019, and he has been honored with several awards for his efforts to support ethical jewelry. His ebook, Ethical Jewelry Exposé: Lies, Damn Lies and Conflict Free Diamonds, is available online. Choyt can be reached on Twitter at @Circlemanifesto or by email at

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