Giving 20% Back

Giving 20% Back

Author: Marc Choyt | Friday, November 1, 2019


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For the past three years, we have piloted our 20% Giving Back Program with several organizations, mostly around our hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico where we have been in business since 1995. 

Now, we’re expanding our program and reaching out nationally to organizations which share our commitment to make the world more sustainable and just for future generations. 


How It Works

Our program is easy to implement, and how much you want to participate is up to you. There is no cost, and you can leave the program at any time. 

Donations will be made on all regularly priced on our website and in our Santa Fe NM store, excluding only full-on custom orders and diamonds valued over $250.   

When a website order is placed, a designated person at the nonprofit and your supporter will receive a copy noting the donation amount. Your community members can also place orders by phone or in person—we’ll just need the name of your org at time of order so we can give you credit. 

At any time, you can ask us for a report on sales. We’ll cut checks within three weeks after the 30 day return period is over.


Involvement Options

We have two different program levels: Affiliate or Partner. You choose.  

Both get a code for participants to enter at time of purchase online, or to use when purchasing via phone. Both are also listed on our Participants Page.

However, Partner organizations will receive access to our online media files on google docs—including great readymade images and suggested social media text—with the understanding that they will promote the offer through their social media.  

We have found that the more regularly you engage with your community using our images, particularly around seasonal jewelry buying times, the more funds we can raise for you. 

Partner organizations also receive a live link and short description of their organization on our Participants Page. We do ask for a link to our site from all our Partners and Affiliates.


Why We Initiated This Program

Ethical/Responsible jewelry is a hot new trend, but unfortunately, this has not changed how jewelry is mainly sourced for North America. The US lags behind ethical jewelry initiatives  taking place in other parts of the world.  

The most important movement is Fairtrade Gold. The 250 Fairtrade Gold jewelers in the UK have actually changed consumer perception of jewelry through the Fairtrade brand, which exists as an accrediting organization independent of the jewelry industry.


We are the only jeweler in the US that offers certified Fairtrade Gold.


We have been the only Fairtrade Gold jewelers in the US since April of 2015. 

The US is the second largest jewelry market in the world, and about 12 times larger than the UK. If we can build a strong Fairtrade Gold movement in this country, thousands of small-scale miners will be uplifted out of poverty and global mercury contamination will be reduced significantly. 

We have been campaigning on these issues as an activist jewelry company for nearly fifteen years. You can learn more about our strategy in our Ethical Jewelry Manifesto. Learn more about how Fairtrade Gold works and the source of our gold.

To build reach a consumer movement that will support local economy that will empower produce communities, we recognize that we need to partner with organizations that share our values.



Let us work together to create a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. 

To join our program or learn more, contact Kyle (at) or give him a call at (412) 212-8936.

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