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Boycott Conflict Free Diamonds

Marc Choyt | Oct 10, 2019 | Ethical Outlooks
Using the term “conflict free diamonds” is a denial of history, an affirmation that you can kill millions of people and get away with it. Not one person in the diamond sector has ever been personally held accountable for wars funded by diamonds in the ‘80s and ’90s. The term “conflict free diamonds” is the same as saying “Black African lives don’t matter.”

Reusing Old Gold To Make A New Wedding Ring

Marc Choyt | Oct 07, 2019 | Makers World
Reusing gold to make a new ring is very possible and has certain design requirements. At Reflective Images Jewelry, we fabricate custom wedding rings by hand and we commonly fuse different types of precious metals together. Recasting old metal, however, can pose difficult challenges due to the fickle unpredictable nature of heat interacting with precious metals and their unknown alloys.

Kimberley Process' Damn Lies

Marc Choyt | Sep 20, 2019 | Ethical Jewelry Expose
In 2010, De Beers was accused of looting diamonds from Zimbabwe. This claim was repeated again as outlined in this 2016 article from the Zimbabwe Independent: “De Beers looted our diamonds for 15 years and were sending them to South Africa without our knowledge and they had even declared that area a restricted area, as if it was their land when the country belongs to us” states Obert Mpofu, Zimbab

Lies, Damn Lies, and Conflict Free Diamonds

Marc Choyt | Sep 20, 2019 | Ethical Jewelry Expose
It never mattered much to the mainstream trade that, as this article in Foreign Policy points out, up to 30% of all diamonds come from the black market, a KPSC certificate is as easy to forge as an old driver’s license, or that diamond cutting is often done with child labor. The “conflict free” narrative took care of all that.

Jewelry, Neocolonialism, and Strange Fruit

Marc Choyt | Sep 20, 2019 | Ethical Jewelry Expose
The other individual told me of a conversation that took place on a flight while sitting next to the CEO of a major supplier, widely revered as an excellent source by ethical jewelers. The CEO extolled views of workers straight out of apartheid South Africa, circa 1948: hire miners known to have AIDS, because they are more easily disposable.  


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