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Jewelry Repair in Santa Fe New Mexico

Kyle Abraham Bi | Dec 12, 2023 | Makers World
We can increase or decrease the size of your ring, repair a cracked wedding ring, reset missing stones in an engagement ring, rebuild engagement ring prongs, or even duplicate settings or styles to create a new ring design. We can also fix a broken clasp on your necklace, pendant, or bracelet, restring a necklace or bracelet (including restringing pearls), or swap out your earring hooks for a more

Reusing Old Gold To Make A New Wedding Ring

Marc Choyt | Jun 08, 2023 | Makers World
We specialize in reusing gold old gold to make a new wedding and engagement rings, repurposing jewelry. As a custom design house, we can create anything you want.

What to Do with Old Jewelry

Marc Choyt | Jul 11, 2022 | Makers World
If you’re looking for ideas to repurpose old or vintage jewelry, or are wondering what to do with old gold jewelry, the sky’s the limit! Aside from melting gold jewelry into new jewelry, or redesigning a wedding ring into a new style, there are a few other options.

How to Repurpose Old Jewelry into New Jewelry

Marc Choyt | Jul 11, 2022 | Makers World
Every day we’re contacted by people across the US wanting to do a jewelry redesign project. Most of our upcycling old jewelry is for talismanic reasons.  Redesigning an old wedding ring worn by a grandfather or grandmother or using old diamonds in a new ring allows you to wear the connection to your ancestors.   Plus, with record high gold prices, melting old jewelry into jewelry now saves m

Resetting Engagement Rings ULTIMATE Guide: Custom, Handmade, Exquisite

Marc Choyt | May 23, 2022 | Makers World
Our unique skill in redesigning engagement rings means that you can use all the material from your existing ring — gold, diamonds large and small, and additional gems.  We can even combine that gold with additional engagement or wedding rings, or with gold from old jewelry.   

Resetting Diamond Rings Using Your Gold

Marc Choyt | May 23, 2022 | Makers World
Every day, people from all over the country contact our small Santa Fe, NM jewelry studio because they are interested in resetting diamonds in a new ring.

Custom Jewelry Design

Marc Choyt | May 23, 2022 | Makers World
We are the ideal small artisan company for your custom jewelry design! Discover our process, then get in touch about your custom one-of-a-kind engagement ring or wedding ring.

Making A Fairtrade Gold Wedding Ring By Hand In 11 Steps

Marc Choyt | May 23, 2022 | Makers World
We make many of our gold and two tone rings in our studio, using old world methods that relatively few jewelers even know how to utilize today. Below we’ve illustrated the step-by-step process of making one of our Classic Comfort Fit flat top bands:

Our Ethical Diamond Sources: Canadian Mined, Recycled, and Lab Grown Diamonds

Marc Choyt | Apr 04, 2022 | Makers World
There’s a lot of discussion about lab grown diamonds being more “eco-friendly” than mined diamonds. In truth, this depends on where the lab grown and mined diamond were originated. There’s a huge difference between a small-scale miner finding a diamond in the dirt versus a full-on industrial operation that exists in the Northern territories of Canada.

Paving the Way for Women in the Gem Industry, Thank You Auntie Shamsa

Jess Gantos | Apr 27, 2018 | Makers World
It has not been common for women to be miners in Tanzania, but there has been an increase of women miners over the years. Yet, still not as many as male miners.


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