Making A Fairtrade Gold Wedding Ring By Hand In 11 Steps

Making A Fairtrade Gold Wedding Ring By Hand In 11 Steps

Author: Marc Choyt | Monday, January 14, 2019

Typically, classic wedding bands are mass produced—they are either cast or they are stamped out. Over the last several years, due to the unavailability of Fairtrade Gold rings in the US, we have been making them in our studio, using old world techniques that relatively few jewelers even know how to utilize today.

Below we’ve illustrated the step-by-step process, broken into 11 steps, of making one of our 4mm Flat Topped Classic Comfort Fit Wedding Bands, availabe for sale here.


We start out with 24K Fairtrade Gold, which is formed into small grains.   (1)

This is weighed out in the amount needed for ring.   (2)


The pure gold is mixed with an alloy, to make it either 14K or 18K and a particular color—such as white gold or rose gold.  (3)


Gold and alloy are then melted down with a torch.   (4)


Now, we have a round 18K gold nugget.   (5)

The next step is to roll out the nugget into a wire, using a rolling mill as shown.   (6)


Here’s what the gold looks like after its gone through the rolling mill.   (7)


The wire is formed into a ring using hand tools.   (8)


The ring is shaped using a hammer and a mandrill.   (9)


Then, we polish the gold ring on our polishing wheel.   (10)


And, this is what the ring looks like once it is off the wheel.   (11)


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Comments ( 2)

Posted by: chris parkhurst on Jun 02, 2019
Hello, I would like to have a pair of wedding rings crafted from gold that I would supply. Could someone please contact me to discuss the possibilities? Thx in advance, Chris Parkhurst
Posted by: Marc Choyt on Jun 11, 2019
Hi Chris, The best thing would be for you to contact us directly at 888-733-5238 or email info(AT) That's the easiest way. Thanks!

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