BEST CHOICE: Resetting Diamond Rings USING YOUR GOLD

Resetting Diamond Rings Using Your Gold

Author: Marc Choyt | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Every day, people from all over the country contact our small Santa Fe studio because they are interested in resetting diamonds in an old ring.

Using your gold and diamonds for your reset diamond project is the BEST option!


Here’s the deal:  

Suppose you have an old engagement rings or diamond jewelry that your not wearing — or perhaps you are wearing it, but it feels outdated. You want to do something with your diamond ring, yet it doesn’t feel right just to sell it off. It has tremendous symbolic meaning.  

Resetting diamonds and gold that you, your grandparents, a beloved aunt, or other family member wore for decades offers continuity and talismanic value perhaps beyond price.  


This remount diamond ring project shows a bezel set diamond.

One of our jewelers working on a remount diamond ring project in our Santa Fe studio.


What's more?  You’ll save money! 

Right now might be the best time for that old diamond ring to be transformed in a reset diamond project.

With gold at record high prices, redesigning diamond rings using your gold can reduce your cost by more than half.


But, it gets even better:

We can use any gold. Send gold earrings, chain, pendants, old class rings — it doesn’t matter. In many resetting diamond ring projects, we purchase excess gold at 93% of spot value, applying this money to the job.  

We can reduce diamond resetting costs by over 50% of what you’d pay another jeweler. 

And, we have been resetting diamond rings since 1995. Below is a picture of our Santa Fe gallery:


Our gallery and studio (gallery pictured here) are located in the same building, in Santa Fe, NM.

This year, 2020, is our 25th year in business. Check out our 135+ 5-star Google reviews.


Want to know the best part?  

Using your gold to reset diamonds does not limit your options at all! We are artisan designers and makers. We specialize in redesigning diamond rings and custom jewelry. Pavé, channel set, unique bezel, engagement ring designs for active lifestyles — we can make whatever you want.  

The rest of this resetting diamonds article shows projects and options. By the end, I promise you’ll have a much better idea of what’s possible using old diamonds in a new ring.


Resetting Diamond Ring Projects 

One of our customers had a ring that her mother wore that had sat in the back of her jewelry drawer for many years.  

She wanted to honor that memory, but just didn’t like the ring's style. Perhaps you’ll understand why she was wanted to reset diamonds from this photo:


If you own a diamond ring that's outdated or just isn't your style, resetting your diamonds is great choice!

Her mother’s ring, shown in the center, was in 14K white gold. The necklace with onyx beads was in 18K yellow gold.  

She wanted a halo style with sapphire accents. I provided the sapphires, as well as a few extra diamonds. Along the way, we made several versions of CAD/CAM sketches:


When resetting diamonds, we can use CAD/CAM software to design your reset diamond ring exactly how you want it.


One of the advantages of custom CAD/CAM rendered reset diamond projects is that you are in control of the design choices. We don’t move forward with resetting diamonds until you approve! 

Here’s a top-down view of the final reset diamond project:


This reset diamond project turned an outdated ring into a brand new custom diamond ring, designed exactly how our customer wanted it!


You may be wondering, how much does it cost to reset a diamond ring?  

Here’s the kicker: 

In this case, diamond resetting cost was offset by the extra 18K yellow gold in the photo above, which we paid 93% of spot price for. 

Otherwise, the cost to reset a ring in a project such as would run about $1600 to $1800 — before the additional cost of gemstones we provide.   

In this resetting diamonds project, she saved perhaps $1500 by using her own gold! 


Custom Resetting Diamond Projects

With many of our reset diamond jobs we make jewelry using traditional methods. Our four jewelers have over eighty years of design and fabrication experience, which gives us a huge capacity to complete reset diamond projects.  

Sometimes, we just work with a sketch — you can see the before and after in this photo below:

We'll work with your sketch to create the custom reset diamond ring of your dreams!


We specialize in custom jewelry and can basically created what ever design you can imagine.


Resetting Diamond Rings With Fairtrade Gold

Let’s say that you're interested in resetting diamonds, but you want ethically sourced gold. Fairtrade Gold is a far better option than recycled gold.   

Our company is the only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the entire USA — though there are over 250 in the UK alone!

One of our clients had three diamonds that had been passed down over generations. And after much consulting, we created this drawing for her:


A CAD/CAM rendering of a custom reset diamond ring project.


This short video shows her receiving her ring:



Fairtade Gold does cost more. If diamond resetting cost is a important factor, and you need gold, we can sell you recycled gold or even alloy down your existing gold to a lower carat. We’re always willing to work with you to find a way to reduce the cost to reset a ring if need be.


 Remounting Diamonds Using Our Designs and Your Gold 

This design below also involved resetting diamonds into a new ring using our in-house designs. The reset diamond choice was a variation of one of our rings, the Donegal.

In a reset diamond project, we can of course reset your diamonds in a ring of our own design!

We used our client's gold (shown left) and diamond (not shown) to create the ring to the right.


One advantage of using designs from our website is that it’s less costly than starting entirely from scratch.  

This next resetting diamond into a new ring project again involved modifying one of our designs — what we call the open mount style.


We reset the 2 carat diamond pictured here in our classic open mount, a low bezel set diamond perfect for your active lifestyle.

This low profile bezel set ring is actually one of our most popular styles. It’s great for active lifestyles. We can modify the side borders or put any kind of design you would want on the back.


Another example: creating our Liana style, another popular choice. Here, we used our customer's white and yellow gold, and her diamonds.   

You can see the profound difference in the before and after photo below:

This reset diamond ring project involved our own Liana design, which uses yellow, white, and rose gold.

The reset diamond ring cost was $1200. But without her diamonds and gold, the cost of this ring would have been over $5000.     


Resetting Diamonds to Combine Two Rings Into One

Some of our most heartfelt redesigns involve resetting diamond ring projects after loss of a beloved spouse.  

The two jobs below involved using gold from wedding and engagement rings and remounting diamonds in a custom ring redesign.  

In the first example, our client wanted create a design that conveyed wholeness and loss. She brought to us a tear shaped diamond from her engagement ring, and we worked on initial drawings:


Diamond ring redesign or diamond ring resetting using CAD/CAM allows you to see and tweak the finished project before it's actually made.


Here’s the final result, showing the gold we used on the left (after we removed her small diamonds) and her completed diamond ring on the right:


This reset diamond ring project combined two rings into one: our customer's engagement ring, and her late husband's wedding band.


With this next resetting diamond project, a gentleman wanted to take his late wife’s diamond, her gold ring, and this wedding ring and combine them all into a new ring. The cost to reset a ring in a job like this runs about $1600, but  much of that cost was offset from the extra gold that we didn’t use.


Resetting diamonds, and projects like combining two rings into one, is our specialty.


We made this piece entirely by hand in our shop. The reset diamond cost in projects such as this run about $700. 

If you want to see more of the steps involved in how we reset diamonds into new rings using your gold, here’s an article which shows more photos of the steps. 


Designer Resetting Diamond Ring Projects

Continuing on:

Here are a few more before remounting diamond examples.  

In this case we used old signet rings, and the customer purchased a lab grown diamond:


We can reset diamonds an reuse your old gold to make a gorgeous new diamond engagement ring.


With this next design diamond ring project, we brainstormed quite a bit, starting from this image from part of a ring that was sent to us. She wanted to put her round diamond in a square, set on the diagonal:


We'll take your simple drawing or sketch, and help you design your own reset diamond ring project.


The next photo shows the ring we started from left and the final design, right:


What a difference a resetting diamond ring project can make!

The resetting diamond ring cost in the above job was $750.


Here’s the key point:

We can work with even crude drawing, images, concepts — whatever you’d like to create the project of your dreams. 


How We Start A Reset Diamond Job Using Your Gold: Two Methods

If you want to know how we are able to successfully complete remount diamond projects of such a wide variety, this brief section is for you.

All these repurposing jewelry projects start with us removing existing stones — and then, FIRE! This short vid shows us actually melting old rings into an ingot:



From there, with our first method, we can work with a wax model off a computer CAD/CAM system, creating drawings, waxes and a final product that allows us to reset stones of any sort, as shown below:


For custom diamond reset rings, we can use a variety of methods — entirely handmade, wax carving, or CAD/CAD design.


Unlike some of the projects above which involve creating a wax model, much of what we do in our shop is by hand.  

In this second method, we use old style Southwestern jewelry methods passed down for hundreds of years. If you want to learn more, check out this video from inside our shop.  

Once we have the ingot, we have to roll it through a mill. Below is a photo that shows some of the process:


When we reset diamonds and repurpose your gold into a new ring by hand, we take the ingot we first melted down, and then roll it into wire as shown here.


This kind of reset diamond ring project involves massive skill — we actually manufacture the wire and from that shape and form the ring.


Next Steps To Using Old Diamonds In A New Ring

It’s easy to start! Though we are in Santa Fe, NM, we work with people from all over the country.  

If you want to start right now, email me with photos of what you have at Marc (at), or call us at 888-733-5238. You can also learn more about our Custom Design and fill out a form here.  


We recommend US postal service when sending the material. Our noble postman stops by our store every day, and it's easy for us to sign for packages. Send the material to:

Marc Choyt

Reflective Jewelry

912 Baca Street

Santa Fe, NM 87505


Looking forward to working with you!



Marc Choyt is president of Reflective Jewelry, a designer jewelry company founded in 1995. He pioneered the ethical sourcing movement in North America and is also the only certified Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the United States. Choyt’s company was named Santa Fe New Mexico’s Green Business of the Year in 2019, and he has been honored with several awards for his efforts to support ethical jewelry. His ebook, Ethical Jewelry Exposé: Lies, Damn Lies and Conflict Free Diamonds, is available online. Choyt can be reached on Twitter at @Circlemanifesto or by email at

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