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Fairtrade Gold

"Eco-Friendly" Recycled Gold Infographic

Marc Choyt | Mar 18, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
The more recycled paper we use, the fewer trees we cut down. True. The more recycled gold we use, the less we mine. False.

Making A Fairtrade Gold Wedding Ring By Hand In 11 Steps

Marc Choyt | Mar 18, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
 Over the last several years, due to the unavailability of Fairtrade gold rings in the US, we have been making them in our studio, using old world methods that relatively few jewelers even know how to utilize today. Below we’ve illustrated the step-by-step process of making one of our Classic Comfort Fit flat top bands:

Fairtrade Gold vs Dirty Gold Infographic

Marc Choyt | Mar 17, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
The difference between Fairtrade Gold and dirty gold runs deep. Let this handy infographic be your guide! Each link sends you to a short article explaining the aspect in question in a bit more detail. #NoDirtyGold

15 Reasons You Should Buy Fairtrade Gold Jewelry vs Recycled Jewelry

Marc Choyt | Mar 11, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
The most important question to ask your jeweler is: is this piece traceable from mine to market? And yes, this definitely applies to jewelers who use recycled gold wedding rings.

Macdesa Fairtrade Gold Offered at Reflective Jewelry

Marc Choyt | Mar 04, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
While large-scale mining is about the politics of greed, small-scale mining is about survival. In context of Fairtrade, it is about the people of the land controlling and benefitting from the resources of the land!

How We Give Back

Marc Choyt | Feb 07, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
We are an activist jewelry company, and Santa Fe NM Green Business of the Year 2019. We’ve been promoting and campaigning for social and environmental justice, both in the jewelry sector and in our local community, for over fifteen years. 

Why Fairtrade Gold Costs More

Marc Choyt | Feb 01, 2020 | Fairtrade Gold
The bottom line: with Fairtrade Gold, the people of the land control and benefit from the resources of the land. And you as a consumer can be completely confident that you are making a huge difference to certified mining communities and purchasing the most precious gold in the world.

Giving 20% Back Partners & Affiliates

Marc Choyt | Dec 16, 2019 | Fairtrade Gold
We are grateful to the following organizations who share our work and vision for a more just and sustainable world with their communities. Entering the code after their name at checkout means that we will donate 20% of the order (excluding diamonds) back to them.  

Giving 20% Back

Marc Choyt | Nov 01, 2019 | Fairtrade Gold
You can become a fund-raising partner and receive 20% of purchases gifted back to your nonprofit organization! It’s easy to implement. How much you want to participate is up to you. There is no cost involved, and you can leave the program at any time. 

Featured Podcasts and Publications

Marc Choyt | Sep 07, 2019 | Fairtrade Gold
As part of our Activism and greater mission to spread awareness of ethical jewelry sourcing, Reflective Jewelry President Marc Choyt often writes freelance articles for trade magazines and appears on podcasts. A frequent topic is his 45,000 word investigative jounalist piece, the Ethical Jewelry Exposé: Lies, Damn Lies, and Conflict Free Diamonds, published in late 2018.


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