Fairtrade Gold Jewelry: Traceable And Transparent To Source

Fairtrade Gold Jewelry: Traceable And Transparent To Source

Author: Reflective Images | Wednesday, January 3, 2018


In order to have ethical jewelry, we must be able to know if the materials are ethically sourced.


Traceability and transparency in the supply chain are core principles in ethical jewelry sourcing. We need to know, as much as possible, the entire chain of custody, from the mine all the way to our store.


Fairtrade Gold is audited all the way from the mine to you,
the customer.


There are two main forms of gold: cast grain, which is 24K gold in small beads, and mill products, such as wire, sheet, bezels, and all the small components used to make jewelry.


The 24K gold we receive from certified Fairtrade Gold mines is shipped directly to us from the company that imports it from the mine. All our gold-over-silver jewelry is made with fair trade gold. We also have made our own wire and bezels of out of fair trade gold. (Psst-- Phrasing got you confused? Check out this piece: What's In A Name? Fairtrade Vs. Fair Trade.)


As of October, 2017, we are now able to order our full range of products in Fairtrade Gold, including components we need to make our gold over silver rings. We will be totally replacing our recycled gold components with Fairtrade Gold as soon as possible.



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