Choosing Handmade Fair trade Gold Artisan Jewelry

Choosing Handmade Fairtrade Gold Artisan Jewelry

Author: Reflective Images | Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Have you ever considered how your piece of jewelry is actually made? If you have, you will find that there are two options to choose from.  


You can either choose from a mass produced piece of jewelry or a carefully handcrafted one.


We believe in creating jewelry that is artisanally produced, from the artisan Fairtrade Gold mine all the way to our artisan jewelers who make the jewelry.


Just a few generations ago, all jewelry was created by skilled artisans who dedicated their lives to creating beautiful heirloom pieces out of precious metal and gems.


These days, that love of craftsmanship is rare, but not lost.


How your ring is made is as important as how your ring is sourced. It is a reflection of your own identity and values.


The Mass Produced Ring

You have the option to choose a piece of jewelry that is mass produced, created entirely by a machine under the banner of a large national brand.


In fact, the vast majority of jewelry created today is created through CADCAM processes, much of it in huge factories out of Thailand and China. The jewelry is created on a computer screen, emailed to a modeling machine, and recreated over and over through a mass casting process.


The Artisan Ring


Perhaps you are someone who is one-of-a-kind. You understand that the jewelry you wear to be more than just “bling”. You understand that its talismanic value is enhanced by how the ring itself was made.


You value handmade items and perhaps even see your life itself as a handmade journey, reflecting your own individuality. Then perhaps you prefer a ring made with love by a skilled artisan who has dedicated his or her life to perfecting that craft.


You can feel the difference. The artisan, by making the ring by hand, actually changes the character and energy of the metal.


Our jewelers love what they do, and that skill and pride goes into the making of every ring. In our shop you can actually meet the artist and fully understand the process of what it takes to create your piece.



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